mission of goldnabis


Our mission is to bring the best benefits of Hemp and CBD to the World.

Goldnabis Holding Group has made the business plan into 3 development phases:

Phase 1

We have developed the project on the 500-acre (1,265 rai in Thailand dimension) land.

The projects cover Research and Development, seedling nursery, plantation, and cultivation,pre-processing, processing plant and storage building, laboratory, Hemp Institute, and office.

Phase 2

We have planned to expand into a total area of 4,000 acres.

Our prime mission is to launch the first HEMP INDUSTRIAL ESTATE OF THAILAND, to cooperate with the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand.

The objective of this mega project is to be the HUB OF HEMP.

The Industrial Estate will develop and manage The Hemp Institute, R&D for all new species and products, a full-scale project of Industrial Hemp Development Center from seeds, cultivation, processing techniques, and know-how, products development, laboratories, contract farming, markets development, and trading as well as investment fund sources.

Phase 3

Goldnabis will introduce the world membership for Hemp and Cannabis members with privileges
and benefits package from investment consultancy, hemp and cannabis plantation and cultivation, technology, and know-how institute, wellness and health treatment, hotel, and resorts at luxury destinations around the world.

Membership will be called: GOLDNABIS MEMBERSHIP

We will join with partners in financial institutions, hotels and resorts groups, hospitals, spa, and health treatment institutes, airlines, and world luxury brand names.

The duration of these three phases will cover approximately 5 years from 2021.