Goldnabis Holding Group comprises investors, hemp specialists and developers, industrialists who believe in the welcoming and acceptance trends and business potential in various industries of Hemp and Cannabis.

Goldnabis Holding Group Company
Limited (GGC)

As an investment group with subsidiaries and affiliated companies specializing in their profession and industries.

Goldnabis Holding Group works with selective partners worldwide to support our own subsidiaries and affiliated companies as well as to support our customers in contract farming and other industries or investments.

Goldnabis Research and Development Company Limited (GRC)

We work on the research and development of new hemp and cannabis species.

Our mission is to develop seeds and seedlings of hemp and cannabis with THC contents below 0.2% for cultivation in most countries under local regulations and laws.

We will concentrate on the development of species with rapid growth, branching, flowering, and rooting abilities, terpene profile, mold-resistance, and resistance to various diseases, with high yields and profitability.

Goldnabis Cultivation Company Limited (GCC)

The Demand for products made with CBD, a Phyto cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant is experiencing a significant increase. The demand worldwide is rapidly increasing beyond normal forecasts and expectations.

The cultivation of hemp by certified seeds with low tetrahydrocannabinol content (THC below 0.2%) is the first step to growing hemp legally.

Hemp is commonly cultivated to extract CBD, the other popular compound associated with cannabis. CBD is the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant and was labeled as having no public health risk or abuse potential by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2017.

Our cultivations are all in high-tech, closed-system production greenhouses environment with the automated system controlling irrigation, heating, lighting, temperature and humidity, ventilation, cooling system, and carbon dioxide enrichment, pests, and diseases.

We provide our expertise and technology to our contract farming partners too.

Goldnabis Processing and Production Company Limited (GPC)

Goldnabis has a complete hemp processing
solution by applying new technological
innovations and techniques to separate whole hemp plants into high-value products for ready distribution to the markets and industries.

From the roots to the leaves, each component of the hemp plant can be processed and made into an industrial hemp product. Therefore, the harvesting and processing methods depend on
the intended application of our customers.

Other potential uses for hemp continue to be discovered and developed. For the industry to flourish, processing technology and techniques are essential to result in high value-added products.

We use both high-tech processing equipment and professional specialists to serve the requirements of particular industries.

Goldnabis Trading Company Limited (GTC)

Goldnabis Trading offers a controlled supply
chain from midstream to downstream industries, allowing us to provide assistance at any stage of a hemp production and products development.

You can be hemp cultivator who needs processing assistance, or various end-market products to support your premium CBD finished products for consumers' markets all over the world.

Goldnabis Industrial Estate Company Limited (GEC)

This Industrial Estate is to build the infrastructure and facilities to comply with the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand which supervises and controls rules and regulations of any industrial estate in Thailand.

Goldnabis Holding Group would like to create career opportunities for people in Petchchabun Province, our community where we operate the business to support the emerging hemp and hemp-derived cannabinoid markets.

This estate will support all investors, contract farming partners, hemp-derived cannabinoid extraction, and related manufacturing together with providing an opportunity for participation by other businesses in the Hemp Industry.

The company will focus on every application of the hemp crop such as CBD-based products, fibers, seeds, and products development derived from hemp.

The Industrial Estate will be managed by all professionals in their fields.

Goldnabis Logistics Company Limited (GLC)

Goldnabis Holding Group has set up this logistics company to ensure total-solution
services in transportation and supply chain
management solutions customized to maximize the value of Hemp investors, cultivators, processors, wholesalers, seed banks, retailers, and distributors.

Our services cover freight and logistics services, transportation, tax and duty services, shipping and customs clearance, land-sea-air transportation, import-export professional services.

Goldnabis Financial Services Company Limited (GFC)

Our mission is to provide financial services to hemp-related customers. Our direction is to provide financial services to cannabis-related customers too when all rules and regulations have been legalized by the Thai government.

We have partners and joint-venture partners in Thailand and overseas to support the investors with financial services, consultancy services and partnership programs to facilitate the investors to do business in all aspects of hemp-related industries with affordable and flexible terms, and conditions.

We partner with many industry-friendly payment solutions to provide customers access to compliant, transparent bank accounts tailored to their requirements.

We have access to the best and latest solutions available and can offer our clients a startup business or expansion of investment.

The company is managed by financial strategists, financial consultants, former bankers, and token or cryptocurrency specialists.

Organization Chart

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