GOLDNABIS HOLDING GROUP has worked with professional and specialized companies with long experiences in their fields with proven success at world-class standards. These partners can help our customers and new investors to share the common MISSION to promote Hemp and Cannabis to the world.




With more than 10 years in Europe with partners in this industry and related industries in all major European countries, i.e., Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria.

They have expertise in the hemp and cannabis industry dedicated to growing and producing the highest quality products.

As a leading and well-recognized company for the quality of its products in the medical, health, scientific and industrial sectors.



The company’s innovations and research works have produced the best breeding and in-breeding for hemp development to be:

Dimensions: Big and strong plants

Production: High production, big flowers

Strength: Stronger strain, mold-resistant, adapted to an environment

Time of Flowering: Early maturing plants, THC level below 0.2%, CBD level from 20% to 24%

Aromas: Smelling flowers specifically selected with high terpene levels.



As an agro-industrial company with a competent qualified and experienced professionals and management in hemp and cannabis industries for medicinal and industrial purposes.

They are committed to the agro-industrial process, product quality, occupational health, and safety environmental protection, and the use of natural resources to meet customer expectations.

Cannahemp Corporation has worked with word-class partners: Cananpharma Bio, Cannapharm AG, Hemp Genetics Group, Lexcorp, E-Canna, People are Science.



The rapid spread of digital innovations, such as internet banking, mobile payments, and mobile wallets, is changing traditional
banking for consumers and businesses.

Bucks Investment Pte. Ltd delivers a cheaper, faster, and more transparent way than traditional banks.

The emergence of “crowdfunding” has its origins in “collaborative finance” and “crowdsourcing”. Crowdfunding is the wallet of the crowd, bringing together an individual or entity in need of funding with community members.

Crowdfunding is an umbrella term that describes the use of small amounts of money, obtained from a large number of individuals or organizations, to raise funds for a project, business, or project funding through online web-based platforms.

Crowdfunding is the EU Capital Markets Union (European Commission 2016): Crowdfunding refers to an open call to the public to raise funds for a specific project.

Crowdfunding platforms are websites that enable interaction between fundraisers and the crowd. Financial pledges can be made and collected through the platform.

Bucks Investment Pte. Ltd. Has a BUCKS token in its operation to raise funds for specific projects.



Our UUA partner specializes in improving the quality of life for people by providing trusted sustainable and conventional energy solutions.

For Conventional Energy.

UUA has worked with many government agencies in Southeast Asia with meeting the needs of the grid with the most efficient solutions. The continued improvement of renewable energy technology has helped developing nations to lessen their carbon on our planet.

For Sustainable Energy.

UUA is well equipped with technology sources and professionals to support clients, public and private enterprises, to expand the use of solar, wind, bio, thermal, hydro, and other forms of sustainable power in many countries where they have helped their customers to increase growth, opportunity, prosperity, and profitability.

UUA seeks the most qualified and competitive developers with the operational and financial capacity to successfully perform on each project. The cooperation may be in a joint-venture partnership or as a business-to business relationship.

UUA has a business relationship and organizational structure relating to world-class investment banks, renewable energy funds, capital fund-raising specialists, project management experts, and government agencies in major countries around the world.